• There are only 430 U.S. facilities for rescue, adoption & retirement of unwanted horses in the U.S. Combined, these facilities are only able to house 18,060 horses of the unwanted 170,000.  

  • ± 36,858 unwanted horses are exported to Canada for slaughter annually

  • ± 45,609 unwanted horses are exported to Mexico for slaughter annually

Our Mission ...

This is the story of Justin Thyme, the courageous horse who overcame all odds and inspired us to create Hope Springs Eternal Horse Sanctuary ...

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for the many equines in need of a safe, loving, and caring forever home. Working with a team of equine specialists and horse lovers, we make our decisions based on what is best for each horse on a case by case basis. Many of our equine friends will be permanent residents of Hope Springs Eternal while some will become available for adoption to qualified homes. We make every effort to provide an environment that allows our horses to live in a natural dynamic with each other. We will consider for Sanctuary all horses in need, regardless of breed, history or origin.

This is the story of Justin Thyme, just one of the many horses who are abandoned each year.  Whether it be for lack of financial ability of the owner to care for them, or that they are no longer of use, the result is often the same.  Horses ....

  • The U.S. is home to the worlds largest horse population estimated to be around 9.2 Million

  • Of that 9.2 million, 170,000 horses end up unwanted and often abandoned in the U.S. each year 

  • ​52.4% of owner relinquishment is due to financial hardship; of that 52.4%; 53.2% appeared unhealthy and malnourished

 Hope Springs Eternal Horse Sanctuary

is a registered not-for-profit within the state of New York equine sanctuary in central New York, we are equidistant from Syracuse, Utica, and Binghamton on 277 acres of rolling hills, woods, ponds and grazing land.

(501(c)(3) status pending)

Why a Horse Sanctuary?

We are ...